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CBLP Certification

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Our Co-Owner Jeremy Tidd received a scholarship earlier this year to enroll in the new Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Certification Program. Jeremy is now CBLP certified, further enhancing our already established dedication to sustainable and bay-friendly practices.

Bona Terra was also a recipient of the DOEE’s Community Stormwater Solutions Grant and installed a 500 square foot bioswale this summer, next to the paved playground at Sousa Middle School to better control the heavy stormwater run-off on the campus. Jeremy also salvaged scrap metal from Kingman Island in the Anacostia River and constructed a sculpture out of the metal depicting an Eastern painted turtle, a local species on the D.C. Wildlife Conservation list.

installation view

Jeremy putting the final touches on a sculpture and bioswale installation at Sousa Middle School in D.C.


One thought on “CBLP Certification

  1. Wow! Great news and great work, Jeremy!


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